Entrevista Original (en ingles). Yuka Yamaguchi.

Wsks.-Do you think that things that are real and things that are surreal are not separated?  If so, how do you think they are related? 
Yuka.-To me, surreal things are created in a reality, my reality.  What I draw is deeply connected to how i feel at the moment.  My images are my realizations of my ideas and emotions, captured by color pencils.  That’s how i express my reality.  
Wsks.-How do you think that animals are linked to humans? 

Yuka.-Humans are linked to animals, i think, not other way around.  Our behavior is very animal-like. ))

I have a two-year old son.  I enjoyed his first non-verbal year — being very aware of eye contact, smells, touch, etc.  When i was cuddling with him, i felt like a bear.

(I find things sensual amusing. For example, I remember a particular smell of my childhood.  Every time I encounter the smell, I’m back in particular time when i was a child.)

Wsks.-In which way did your children influence your art? 

Yuka.-I was using vivid colors when i was pregnant.  Before then, i mostly preferred gentle pale tones.

Spending time with my boy, observing him growing every day, has had a strong impact on me.  Sometimes, I almost forgot that I was there. I was always watching him.  I didn’t lose my eyes, but my eyes were always looking outward and never looked inward last two years.  At one point, I think

In retrospect, I was drawing a girl with a huge heart on top and eventually the heart ran away and

Eventually my head grew back, but so far I don’t seem to have a body yet.

I drew ‘new heartbeat‘ right after i first listened to my baby’s heartbeat with a doppler.  I used very vivid colors for the drawing.  after giving birth, I continue to use both pale tones and vivid tones.i forgot what i looked like.grew a tree with no leaves during that time.

Wsks.-What is most likely source of inspiration for you, «bad» feelings or «good» ones? 

Yuka.- Frustration with unfairness or dishonesty helps me a lot.  I visualize things simultaneously no matter what, but when I’m angry the images flow.  
((So, for your question, it’s good and bad feelings, both.))
Wsks.-what is art for you? 
Yuka.-I still feel uncomfortable describing what I do is art, or calling myself an artist. Drawing makes me happy. 
Wsks.-Could you share one of your biggest fantasies? 

Yuka.-I want to be an ugly flying invisible woman, who worries about her appearance even though no one can see her.

Wsks.-Coffee or tea? 
Yuka. – I go for milk.  I drink coffee more often than tea, but the coffee i drink is 80% milk. 
Wsks.- Do you use art as a shield, or as weapon? why? 

Yuka. – It’s more like a fish net trap. I don’t use my drawings to send a message or relieve my feelings. Often I only realize what’s in my mind after the fact.  I’m surprised by what i end up drawing. 
Wsks.- what do you know about mexican culture?

Yuka. – Not much, sorry.

I like movies though.

«Y tu mama tambien» and «Children of Men» directed by Alfonso Cuaron.  He’s fantastic. 
And «Amores Perros», directed by Inarritu.

Wsks.- do you know any mexican artist?

Yuka. – Frida Kahlo.  

I don’t know much about art history and i don’t really follow much of what people are doing in contemporary art.

Wsks.- which museum or gallery would you really love to expose your work? 
Yuka.- Nowhere, really. These days, I’m not particularly interested in exhibiting my work in a gallery.  I like the act of drawing, not showing.  I don’t even look at my drawings after I drew them. I don’t display my drawings at home.  They all sit in a closet or a file.  I’m not interested in looking at my drawings at all. 
I use my blog to keep track of what i’m working on.  That’s enough for me. To me, drawing is something internal.  
Wsks.-do you think that the difference between oriental and occidental culture has affected your work? 

Yuka.- I don’t think so.  I don’t think physical location determine what you create.  It all depends on your place of thought.  Whether I live in Japan or Canada or anywhere else, I basically live in my head.  My work will be the same.  But the time might affect how/what I draw.  I don’t/can’t draw the same things that drew in 2006 even though i know they are very popular.  I’m a different person every day.
Wsks.- What advice can you give to all the emerging artists? 

Yuka. – Don’t listen to what other people say — just listen to yourself.  Having no ears might be a good start.

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